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ALBINO MORAN & PARTNERS is an international shipbroking company with many years of experience in the sales, purchasing and newbuilding of vessels. We offer our customers a full range of services focused on the core areas within the fishing industry, where we are worldwide specialists:

-SALE & PURCHASE of vessels.
-Development of NEWBUILDINGS and conversion projects.

-Joint Ventures. Access to Fishing Grounds. Expertise in Subsidies.
-Assistance in Financing.
-Surveys and Evaluations.
-Ship management.

At ALBINO MORAN & PARTNERS, Integral Customer Service constitutes one of our main concerns. We do not understand the sale, purchase and building of vessels to be merely an intermediary matter of introducing buyers to sellers. We provide constant full support and a highly specialised professional service in all legal, technical, financial and commercial aspects related with the transaction. We guarantee our customers that every single problem will be solved quickly.

Owing to our close contact with the fishing industry, we are continuously updated on the latest events. This allows us to analyse the market on an ongoing basis and to provide our customers with timely and accurate information on markets, future development and trends which will help them to make the right decision. In today's competitive world simply to be in possession of information is not enough. We seek always to add value to our customers' business and assist their decision making process.

ALBINO MORAN & PARTNERS represents a considerable source of business opportunities within the fishing industry and our customers can be confident that all transactions will be ethically conducted with confidentiality and professionalism.

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