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ALBINO MORAN & PARTNERS has participated, as broker, in the partnership of AMASUA and CNFC into KRUSTAMOZ, a shrimp fishing company in Mozambique. 16-2-2012


ALBINO MORAN & PARTNERS SHIPBROKERS is very proud to be the broker of the partnership between AMASUA GROUP and CHINA NATIONAL FISHING CORPORATION ( CNFC) into the fishing company  KRUSTAMOZ which owns ten (10) modern shrimp vessels , processing and cold facilities onshore and the corresponding fishing quotas.

CNFC has bought into KRUSTAMOZ , a shrimp fishing subsidiary of AMASUA's based in Mozambique , and jointly will carry out the explotation of the fishing grounds and will cooperate in a range of fishing interests.

CNFC is the largest fishing multinational company in China and one of the largest in the world.

AMASUA , one of the Spain' s largest fishing companies,  is also a multinational conglomerated of companies, involved in the seafood sector (  extraction , processing and marketing) for over 45 years.

CONGLATULATIONS to AMASUA  and CNFC  and good luck  with the  new venture

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