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Congratulations to both MOSCUZZA GROUP and ARMON SHipyard for the newbuilding of the shrimp freezer trawler JOSE AMERICO 1-2-2018



















We are proud to work with JOSE MOSCUZZA since the end of the 80s and to make our small contribution to the growth and consolidation of GRUPO MOSCUZZA from the operation of wet  vessels to assemble and operate one of the most technologically up-to-date freezer fleets in Argentina (we contribute with the sale of the freezer trawlers ITXAS LUR of 70 m, STELLA MARIS (Ex - Pegago Quinto) of 77 m, DON PEDRO (Ex Vieirasa Eight) of 80 m, SIEMPRE DON JOSE MOSCUZZA (Ex Crevillente) of 39.9 m; the jigger vessels NATALIA 71 m and NANINA 74 m).

Congratulations to the MOSCUZZA family for the construction of the modern freezer vessel JOSE AMERICO at ARMON Vigo Shipyard, to which we also congratulate for their excellent work,

We wish for the vessel JOSE AMERICO a safe navigation and very good catches

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